What is the Average Age of Potty Training?

At What Age Should I Start Potty Training My Child?

average age potty train

On average, the average potty training age in the United States is 24 months. 
In comparison, in the 1950’s most children were potty trained by 18 months.

So why are parents waiting longer to toilet train their children?
This video explains more.

Most parents believe that the older a child is, the more they are able to comprehend a potty training routine and therefore increase the chances of it being successful.  While that is somewhat true, it doesn’t take into consideration that the longer a child is not potty trained, the harder it is to introduce and implement a potty training system. Some parents I speak to are waiting until the age of 4 to even start introducing a toilet use concept! That’s crazy!

About 90% of the mothers in our volunteer focus group began potty training at around 20 months and felt that was an appropriate age for most children.  Because of the amount of success I’ve seen in children at that age, I personally recommend the 20 month age to all new volunteers.  My goal is to gradually begin reversing the trend of parents waiting until age 3+ to start a potty program by showing documented proof that earlier is better.

Especially if you’re using a 3-day potty training method.