When to Start Potty Training Girls

What Age Should I Start Potty Training My Daughter?

Are you wondering at which age you should begin introducing a consistent toilet training method to your little one? In last month’s newsletter, we asked that exact question to all 10,000+ of our newsletter subscribers, and the replies were pretty consistent to the previous year’s poll.

58% of our survey responses stated that most moms choose to start their potty training between 20 months and 2 years.

Our own testing panel also agreed that 2 years old (24 months) is a reasonable age for a child to begin a toilet training process.

Most parents who start potty training around 2 years of age find it cleaner, easier and more supportive of the independence and autonomous development of the child. More than half of the mothers in our volunteer focus group chose to begin the Start Potty Training Method on their child’s 2nd birthday, and had successful results.

Some parents begin potty-training later than 2 years old, but often times find their child is old enough to adamantly defy them or use the potty to get their own way. I usually recommend that new parents start to at least mention and introduce the concept of proper toilet use by 12 months so that when the time comes, the child is aware of the concept and expectations. This tends to help the child feel more comfortable with the entire process.

Girls tend to show an earlier interest in potty training, with some parents starting as early as 15 months. It’s important to understand these potty training signals to see if your toddler is ready to begin.  My own daughter started showing signs around 20 months. The transition from diapers to underwear will be much smoother if you react to a child’s awareness, rather than be fixed on a specific age.

Remember, potty training is more than just removing diapers and offering some directions to the child. It’s a supportive, encouraging and exciting time for both child and parent. This training is a chance to build communication with your child and raise the level of trust in each other.



Brenda Johnson is a mother of twin girls and an international life coach.  As an early-years Montessori consultant, her experience in toddler behavior and cognitive development has earned her mentions and praise in educational literature throughout the US and UK.