Potty Training Twins? These 3 Tips Will Help

potty training twinsWell, if you have been blessed with twins you know that raising them is fun and rewarding. You have twice the fun, twice the love and twice the work! When your twin toddlers are ready to start potty training, it’s best to have a solid game plan to get through this tricky stage with your sanity.

All children grow at different paces. Comparing your twins ability to potty train is the same as comparing a child against a friends child – it just ends up being frustrating, and can make you feel like your child isn’t developing at a normal rate. There is no rule that says twins need to develop at the same rate. One child may be ready, and one may not, which is completely fine. You can see the average age for potty training here. A few signs that your child (or children) are ready to start potty training, is that they are interested by other kids using the toilet on their own. If they are starting to let you know they want their diaper changed – being unimpressed that they are in a soiled diaper – you know it’s time to start their potty training!

1 – Sharing Isn’t Always Necessary

Twins are going to be sharing a lot of their things for the majority of their young lives. One thing they should not be sharing – is a potty seat. Not only because it’s kind of weird, but even though they are potentially potty training at the same time, they are two separate kids that are just starting to voice their opinions. Guaranteed, if you have two small ones sharing two potty seats, there will inevitably be a few tears shed over someone using someone else’s potty seat. Plus, at some point in time they will be wanting to go at the same time. Save yourself a headache, and invest in two separate potty seats.

2 – Relax… And Learn To Live With A Bit Of Extra Chaos

Chances are, if you’re already the parent of twin toddlers, you adapt pretty well to hectic situations that may send other mothers running. Embrace the crazy – because with two kids potty training, things are going to get a bit more chaotic, and a lot more messy. You know there will be accidents. You know there will be meltdowns. Prepare yourself mentally, and prepare your home – maybe designate your more expensive furniture as ‘off limits’ when they’re not wearing a diaper. Use baby gates to keep your twins isolated in an area where they have easy access to the bathroom!

3 – Choose Your Positive Reinforcement Wisely

It’s easy to use positive reinforcement to help your child learn. Using the washroom properly may merit a treat – a piece of candy or access to a toy, etc. However – take a good look at your twins, and how competitive they are. If you give something to one, and not the other, how will that result? Try to avoid additional tantrums by figuring out what is an appropriate reward for the potty training success!