3 More Simple Potty Training Tips

parent support potty trainingMost parents trying to potty train their child will have read every ‘how-to guide’ on the internet. However, most of these are basic, step-by-step guides on how to potty train. They don’t contain any helpful hints; they just drone on tonelessly about the exact angle at which to place your child on the toilet seat. So, if you’re in need of some tips and pointers, look no further; this is the place for you.

Musical Chairs

How many of you made up songs when you were younger? A lot. A lot of adults listen to music when they’re trying to revise for exams and, when you’re a toddler, it’s not much different. True, your toddler might not respond well to Vivaldi’s Four Season’s but the same principals apply. Potty training needs to be fun and engaging for your toddler so, why not make up your own potty training song? It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; just set it to the tune of the Dora the Explorer theme, or any other program that they watch and enjoy. Once they’ve finished using the potty, sing another song, reiterating what they’ve done. That way, they’ll know that what they’ve done is good and what they should do in the future.

Toilet Time is Fun

You need to make potty training fun. If it’s boring, your child will probably take longer to train than those who make it interesting. You could try dying the toilet water with red or blue food coloring. Most toddlers are delighted by the fact that they know that they’ve caused it to change from red to orange or blue to green. I know most parents probably won’t understand their excitement, but hey, if it helps, why not?

You can also try putting shaving foam in the toilet. Every time your child uses the toilet, you give them marks based on accuracy. When they need to do a poo, you pretend that they’re sending the torpedoes in to finish the job. Although this may not be as effective when potty training girls, it is especially effective with boys. Come on, how many boys don’t like playing war games when they’re little?

Toddlers and Toys

Toddlers respond well to toys and potty training sticker charts. If you have a little girl, you could put some toys in a sparkly bag and allow her to choose one each time she uses the potty correctly. Most boys don’t respond well to sparkly bags so, if you have a boy, you could draw a racetrack on the wall. Each time your child uses the toilet, or potty, correctly, they can put a sticker on the wall and, once the racetrack is full, they can have a small gift. By giving your toddler rewards each time they use the potty, you’re reinforcing that what they’re doing is good. It also helps them to associate using the potty with getting nice things like presents.

So, go forth with your fun potty training activities and reap the rewards.