4 Tips When Potty Training Triplets

potty training tripletsCongratulations on your bouncing babies! Even the proudest of parents find the potty training palaver a bit of a problem. However, you are lucky enough to have three beautiful babies to potty train! Many people will probably congratulate you on your good fortune at not only having one, but three babies. However, I know better. Right now, you’re probably exhausted and covered in baby vomit and, the thought of potty-training your little cherubs fills you with dread. However, I am here to help you. Just follow my simple guidelines and your babies will be potty-trained in a jiffy.

Bulk-Buy Nappies
Ensure that you have plenty of potties and nappies. It may sound blatantly obvious but you wouldn’t believe how many parents forget to buy plenty of nappies. However, you will not be one of those parents. One pack of nappies per child won’t cover it, I’m afraid. I would suggest taking yourself down to your nearest Costco or other bulk-buying warehouse, and buying as many packs of nappies that will fit in your car. Remember, there is no such thing as too many nappies, especially when potty training triplets.

Gold Stickers are Key
Make it fun. When you were young, you probably loved receiving gold stars and various stickers. So, if you haven’t thought of it already, buy stickers to reward your toddler with each time they use the potty correctly. As with the nappies, I would suggest bulk-buying stickers as toddlers go crazy for shiny stickers, take my word for it.

Potties are Possessions
Make the potties their possessions. When you’re a triplet, you’re likely to feel like you have to share everything with your two other siblings. So, make sure that your toddlers know that the potties are their possessions. This will make them keener to use their potties, because they may be the only thing which is specifically theirs. You can also try getting each triplet different coloured potties so that they all know which is theirs. This will prevent squabbles over whose potty is whose.

Individual Needs
Treat them all as individuals. This doesn’t mean that you should favour one over the other because this will just lead to resentment later in life. You need to accept that, whilst one of your triplets may be potty trained within a month, the other two may take a little more encouragement. If the other two toddlers are perfectly trained and the other one is lagging behind, give them encouragement but be sure to give the other two attention at the same time. Remember that, no two children are the same, no matter how similar they look.

Whilst potty training triplets may seem like an impossible task at the moment, once they’re done with the potty and have moved onto the toilet, it’ll be thoroughly rewarding. Just remember to stock up on nappies and gold stickers and you’ll be fine. If you try to make the experience as positive as possible for everyone involved, your toddlers should be toilet-trained in no time.