Potty Training Charts

What is a Potty Training Chart?

All parents, especially those trying to get pregnant with a girl are looking for something to make their potty-training experience easier. So, what do you need for this? You need a potty, rewards and, preferably, a potty-training doll. However, that’s not all. How are you supposed to remember what your child has done if you don’t document it? That, is what a potty-training chart is for. Now, what exactly is a potty training chart? Well, I will try to explain what one is, how to use it and where to get one, for you.

So, What Exactly is a Potty-Training Chart?
So, every week, you probably go on excel to chart your weekly income and expenditure. Maybe you do this every month or year but, it doesn’t matter when you do it, the same rules apply. A potty-training chart isn’t any different. (See Popular Potty Charts) What you do with it is, you write down what your child has accomplished that day. It’s fairly simple. It’s basically the same as your excel spreadsheet, only with your child instead of your money.

What Do I Do With One?
Now, the next question is, how do you use one? Well, what you do is, at the end of the day, you go over to the chart and you write what your child has done that day. It’s fairly straightforward. If your child has accomplished the same as they did yesterday, just write it out again. If you keep it up, you’ll be able to see how your child has progressed from wearing nappies, to using the toilet. Alternatively, you can use it to plot the milestones of potty-training. For example, rather than writing a report for each day, you could just write when a major landmark in potty-training is reached, such as: telling you that they need to go, using the potty with help and using the toilet on their own. It also helps if you want to see how quickly your child learns. All children learn at different rates so, if your best friend’s child took a year to potty-train, it doesn’t mean that your child will take a year. Perhaps they will take more or less than a year, who knows?

Where Can I Get One?
Most parents find their potty chart on Amazon or local toy store. It’s advised that you buy most things that you will need for potty training. However, you do not need to buy a potty-training chart. You can create one online for free or you can make your own, either by hand or on the computer. It’s not particularly challenging. All you need is: a piece of A3 paper, a pen and a ruler. You just draw out the columns you require, depending on whether you’re plotting milestones or daily achievements and write the appropriate title in each of them.
Potty-training charts can be a useful tool for potty-training. They help you to know what your child has learnt so far, which helps you to decide what to teach them next. You don’t even need to buy one, you can just make your own. So, what I ask you now is, why haven’t you used one before?

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