Potty Training Tips for Girls

8 Practical Potty Training Tips

  •   Potty training is best started when your child is not experiencing any other major life changing events, such as a new sibling, changing daycare/school or moving to a new city or house.  Choosing an appropriate time to begin should definitely be considered.
  • Consider implementing an open door policy in the bathroom to allow the learning child to see other members of the family regularly using the toilet.
  • Make the experience of going to the bathroom more fun than having your child keep playing and peeing in their pants. Many parents have a special toilet toy that stays in the restroom and can be held while the child is pottying.
  • Most 3-day potty training programs, like the Start Potty Training Method, rely on consistency and encouragement to establish great success rates. Try and keep a positive attitude throughout the entire learning process.
  • Accidents happen. Instead of scolding, try praising your child and make him/her aware how long they stayed dry for.
  • Make note if your child develops a regular time when they need to potty. Be diligent at these time to watch for pre-signs of wanting to potty, and explain to your child what those feelings are.  They key is to relate those natural body feelings to the process of going to the toilet.
  •  Toilet training should be introduced in a matter of fact way as a normal every day activity. Praise the actions but have the child realize that using the potty is expected and is the only correct way to release their bowels.
  • While in public, stay disciplined to your training method and keep things consistent.  Habits evolve from consistency.



Brenda Johnson is a mother of twin girls and an international life coach. As an early-years Montessori consultant, her experience in toddler behavior and cognitive development has earned her mentions and praise in educational literature throughout the US and UK.

Can You Potty Train In One Day?

Potty Training In One Day: Is It Possible?

Over the years, I’ve had countless parents ask me if there is a 1-day potty training program that I would suggest they try out.  I usually recommend Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training 3-Day Method and explain that it works better than trying a one-day method. Mainly because your child does not use the bathroom enough times in 24 hours to establish a consistent pattern of routine.  I believe, at a minimum, it takes at least 3 full days to potty train a child.

But don’t get me wrong, we’ve all heard the story of some perfect child somewhere that was completely potty trained in one-day and never had an accident ever again.  I’ve personally never met this child and none of the parents in our focus groups have either, so let’s just accept that your own child probably isn’t the next toilet prodigy and will probably need more than one day to be potty trained.  Sounds reasonable right?

If you’re like me, you simply want to potty train your child in a reasonable amount of time using a time tested method that is built upon positive reinforcement learning instead of negative punishment.  Carol Cline takes this exact strategy and bundles it up into a reliable training program that is known for having a great success rate in children age 2-3.