How to Potty Train in 3 Days

Can I Really Potty Train My Child In 3 Days? 

We’ve all heard about the Start Potty Training Method but does it really work?

Is it really possible to potty train a child in 72 hours? To my surprise, the answer is a definite YES.

Created by Carol Cline, this proven toilet training method has become popular among many Montessori schools and early-learning prep centers around the country.  Toddlers seem to respond rather well to the unique training structure while providing parents with solid and practical blueprint to continued achievement.

Four of the mothers in our playgroup tried out program and had immediate success. To this day, all four moms still praise the system and recommend it to all new parents.  I’ve even found myself suggesting the Start Potty Training Method to co-workers and friends with toddlers.

The program comes in three different formats including text, audio and video to demonstrate the various potty training techniques; you can choose the format that best suits your style.

The 136-page introduction guide that comes with the program is a great resource that outlines TONS of potty training tips and practical advice that will make the entire learning process a lot easier for your little one. I read the whole thing from front to back in less than 2 days. By day three, I was ready to begin the adventure of potty training my 2-year old daughter. After reading the guide, I felt a tremendous amount of confidence and excitement to start the training. I truly believe that having this confidence was the main reason I was able to stick with the program and deal with any unexpected mishaps. Knowing what to expect was a huge advantage.

As with any potty program, consistency is key, but the Start Potty Training method seems to be the most reliable in terms of success rates among children aged 18-36 months.

Remember, the goal is the program is to teach your child to begin using the potty rather than using diapers. That doesn’t mean that your child will be perfectly potty trained in three days. As expected, there may still be occasional accidents due to the nature of the body and mind learning a new process, but expect to see daily improvements.

All I can say is that wish someone would have told me about Start Potty Training Method when we had our first child 🙂


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Sophia Wren is a full-time mom and international life coach. When she’s not spending quality time with her daughters, she is enjoying hiking and running triathlons with her husband of 25 years.